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Ebay giving "suggestions" for item specifics is NOT a new feature. There is a section on your Selling Manager page just for that and it has been there....for well over a year now maybe 2 years or longer. I don't really keep track but it is NOT a new feature at all. And yes eBay will post suggestions when there are missing or suggested items specifics.
This is so you can use it to get better placement in eBay searches, google searches, etc.

All of that has nothing to do with the fact the the Item Specifics are totally not transferring over to eBay at all when they are/were already in the Auctiva listing page, saved listings, closed listings etc and just not transferring over to eBay.
sorry I was not clear enough. what I was attempting to say was that until 4 days ago every item we sell had no recommendations from eBay because we use all 15 item descriptions. than 4 days ago things like the metal started saying silver instead of sterling silver. since I do the listing I know I have never used so I thought perhaps that was a similar issue. if it wasn't I apologize
Hello Ed.
It appears that is totally a different issue if item specifics are now also being changed to something they are not.

My issue was they were totally disappearing.

Now I guess we have to check all our item specifics that do actually transfer too to make sure they weren't changed to something they should not be changed to.

Great just one more problem to have to deal with.
The IT Professional in me demanded I answer and wasn't pleased with my "Mea Culpa"

One thing I need to add is that from an computer debugging standpoint the more information you have the better. Just because my issue was not "chapter and verse" the same as the initial one mentioned in this thread does not meant it couldn't give the Auctiva Developers another clue that solves everything.

sorry the next thing was nagging at me so I had to check. I didn't think it had been even a year yet since the Listing Improvements "appeared" on the scene and lo and behold is hasn't
the below is from Google

eBay: 2012 Fall Seller Update - Category, Item Specifics and ... › ... › News › 2012 Fall Seller Update‎
Starting on August 30, 2012, attempts to list items in these categories will be ... Please refer to your Listing improvement recommendations on optimal listing ...
Yes that is when Google CHANGED the requirements for Google searches etc but that is not the same as when the Item specifics were introduced or when eBay added the item specifics.
That was also not when Google started requiring items specifics for placement.
Google is not the only reason for the item is also for placement in eBay searches and has been for quite some time as well.

I realize that sometimes it is hard to keep up with things on eBay but what you are referring to was the date of the "one of the changes" not the introduction of item specifics or improvement recommendations.

As an IT professional you should be able to understand that introducing non related information is not solving the problem and it is only confusing the issue. Yours is a totally different problem and you should start another thread so that problem can be addressed....but it is not the same problem that was posted about in this thread.

If you don't mind I would like to get this back on topic which was
None of the item specifics on any listings I created last night (maybe longer) transferred over to eBay.
so the issue originally posted about is actually addressed by AUCTIVA.
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