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I am attempting to list the following item through Auctiva, but it will not post to eBay:


These are simple, brass or aluminum shotgun sights that can be used on many types of shotguns. Nothing here is on eBay's Prohibited Item list, so why won't the item post?

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Hi chuck - Do you have any PICTURES of prohibited items in your listing (like a gun?) They will pull a listing for that reason alone (even if you are not actually selling it), but if they do, you should get an email from ebay noting that the listing has been closed in violation of the rules, and the listing will show up on ebay as CLOSED.

Or, maybe this is just a matter of a normal delay in indexing to the search engine, which can take hours. Is the listing on your "my ebay" page as being listed? If it is, then you are ok.
I do have photographs, but only of the shotgun sights themselves - not prohibited items. Auctive would not post to eBay at ALL - it said "Listing Failed" because it "may" contain items not allowed on eBay. Not true!

It is too late to try posting again tonight, but I'll try again tomorrow. After reading eBay,s prohibited item list, one possibility is that I offered to ship worldwide, which I have changed to United States only. That may have been the cause of the problem.
Sounds like the sights are definitely permitted as long as the listing "clearly states the type of firearm for which the part or accessory is designed". My guess is the international issue is the biggest obstacle here, but then why the wording by ebay in reference to a possibly prohibited item? They sure are vague about it, almost like a form letter, a one-size-fits-all answer.
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Problem solved! It was, in fact, the international shipping. As soon as I changed the listing to U.S. shipping ONLY, it posted with no problem. I do know that including a photograph of a prohibited item in an otherwise allowed listing could subject the listing to removal by eBay. An example would be having a photograph of a shotgun sight mounted on a shotgun - the sights are permitted items, but the shotgun is not.

I hope this helps others who may be having similar issues. Many items cannot be shipped internationally, prompting a "failed to post" message from Auctiva. Thanks for your help, ninth_wave!

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