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I've listed two items today, and neither has shown-up in their respective category for hours and aren't searchable. They do show in "My ebay", have auction numbers, appear in my Auctiva store and window.

After several hours, I contacted ebay at Live Help and they suggested it was due to several hour interval between "indexing runs", but it's now been over 6 hours for the first item before it FINALLY showed. Live Help also got very weird and defensive (to the extreme) when I mentioned the submission had been done through Auctiva. I got an uninterrupted string of messages (canned) about not taking responsibility for 3rd party "problems", etc.

Anyone else noticing their auctions aren't getting completely processed for hours? I'm seeing competitors using the ebay lister have items show in minutes. This is NOT typical, so very concerned about the implications of ebay delaying processing of 3rd party listings.

Auctiva guys, you're welcome to comment. I'm only bewildered due to the attitude displayed at the meer mention of Auctiva.
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Hi - The indexing delay is "normal" for ebay and has nothing to do with Auctiva. ebay says a delay of up to 12 hours is "normal" and I have heard of much longer delays (even never). Personally I have experienced delays of 1 hour to 6 hours. Remember,there are literally millions of listings on ebay that must be indexed, including an enormous amount of cross-referencing, before they will show up in search results. As long as they show up on "my ebay" with an auction number then you know it has been posted. This delay is a long standing complaint on the ebay boards.

Also ebay loses money when folks use 3rd party providers. I'm sure they wish everyone used ebay tools exclusively. Anything is possible but I really don't believe they are singling out 3rd party listings for extra delays.
Hi nith_wave,

I don't disagree. However, I've NEVER seen this much delay in over 18 months of listing. It was almost 6 hours to the minute until the item was "visible" on ebay. If it's not searchable and not techncially listed by not being categorized, it's not really availabe to buyers.

I should add that the rep at Live Help suggested that using the ebay scheduler would preprocess the listing and I'd have little or NO DELAYS. They'd also suggested I was lucky if I've not experience significant delays in the past. No wonder there are so many class actions flying around on their anti-competitive tactics including a couple of Sherman class.

I would like to know the truth about what the Live Help type said about "preprocessing" and thus faster listing with ebay tools. It could be a lot of "anti-3rd party B.S." masquarading as truth from the "voice of authority". This is definitely something we and thousands of other 3rd-party-goers should know about if it's true.
Anybody else out there know anything? Support staff?
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I'm having the same issue. I've listed only 3 lots of auctions so far with Auctiva, having just joined a few weeks ago. And each time, it's taking around 6 hours for items to show up. It's really frustrating. I've just put some stuff up about 2-3 hours ago as well - and those haven't shown up either. It's a shame that this is happening, as it's really putting me off Auctiva, even though I appreciate it's not their fault!

I undestand that there can be delays, and using Ebay itself to list I've had a few - but never more than an hour tops.
I recently complained of the same problem. My listings are taking approx. 6 hours to show. It's frustrating, but what can you do? I'm paying half of what I was used to paying in ebay fees and I am still making the sales. So I'll let it ride. I guess we're lucky, some report it taking 12-24 hours and some say theirs have never posted. Good luck!

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