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I rarely compare the auctiva closed listings folder with ebay closed listings but after reading the issues users posted yesterday about being unable to upload images and therefore be unable to list yesterday around 6pm eastern time, i took a look.

i had items that sold and those that didn't, in no particular order, not show up in my closed listings folder. ironically, items have shown up in auctiva closed listings that closed hours after the others that did not show up.

this is of particular concern because i relist from the closed listings folder. so unless i check over 200 listings comparing ebay to auctiva, i will fail to relist items that will be stuck in my inventory.

has anyone else noticed this or even taken a look?

itsjustme or is it?

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I had a book end 15 mins. ago and it still hasn't shown up in my closed listings, yet my other ended listings have.

Also, there are no gallery images on eBay on the three items I listed tonight, which is very frustrating because this happened just two weeks ago too, and it took me forever to fix them all manually, one-by-one, from eBay. What's up with that Auctiva?
Sometimes gallery Images can take awhile. I had 4 last night and by this morning they were fine. Sometimes eBay or Auctiva gets slow for no obvious reason. Tis the nature of the Internet I am afraid

The Closed listings issue reported also showed itself. How I handle that is I search for the word "Last' as in "Last ReListed as" in my Closed folder with the sort being by End Date. That way listings that have not been ReListed are found quickly. While not a perfect solution (It would be nice if Auctiva had an option to show Closed Listings not ReListed) it seems to work well and is fairly fast. I can go through 200 listings in a minute
it turns out that this time it was eBay not Auctiva

eBay Loses Photos on Busiest Day of the Week
Sep 23rd 2013, 14:51
eBay buyers and sellers encountered a glitch on Sunday that resulted in photos not displaying in search results. Sellers reported being unable to upload photos during the listing process, and the problem impacted newly listed items, relists and sell similar listings.
my original issue is that items that closed on ebay from 6 to eight or more hours prior, were not showing up on auctiva.

i experienced the same today, with some thirty plus listings that closed at indiscriminate times (not sequentially) not showing in either the closed folder the sales folder.

this am, i requested another manual reconciliation via support ticket. the items all showed up.
Having the same issue today. None of the listings that ended yesterday for me are showing up in the Closed Listings. Last time I had to relist through ebay and then it would seem those listings are now considered imported and I can not filter my images by active listings(it doesn't seem to recognize them even when they are relisted through here??). I need to get things relisted today and I need to delete some photos. Both of which are going to take a VERY long time. Frown
Hi Community,

Thanks for helping to bring this to our attention. We have received a number of reports over the past several days that some eBay information is not being updated within Auctiva in a timely fashion (primarily the Closed Listings and eBay Sales pages) and, as Ed mentioned, our technical team is currently working to get these updates processing normally again as soon as possible.

I am unable to offer a specific estimate of when we will be able to resolve this issue at the moment, but I will keep you posted through this thread as any new information on this topic becomes available.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may be causing.

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Hi Community,

We just released an update that is intended to resolve this issue so hopefully your Closed Listings and eBay Sales data will resume importing in a timely fashion once again shortly.

If you continue to notice significant delays with respect to the importing of this information moving forward, please let us know and we will look into things further if necessary.

I have had this problem happen for many months. Some items would appear in closed listings right away, while other listings at random times would not appear.

I hope the "fix" really does work.

It is really time consuming to compare closed listings in Auctiva, to the closed listings in eBay. I can't wait for the closed listings to eventually show up (or wait for reconcilation by Auctiva) for 2 reasons:
1. There might be a promotion that is ending on eBay. OR
2. I end most of my auctions on Sun so I have to get them relisted ASAP.

It is much faster to bulk relist in Auctiva, however then I have to manually relist through eBay the listings that are missing.

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