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I know that Auctiva recently acquired Sellathon, and I've noticed a new "Sellathon" link in the "My Account" tab. The info on there states that "A Sellathon account is automatically generated when you sign-up for Auctiva." So does this mean that we'll get the same functionality that we previously had to pay Sellathon for (minus the archiving feature, of course)?

That would be nice...
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Everything is staying the same for now, less the ability to purchase archiving.

We're still in the process of moving the servers to our site and upgrading the database. That will take about another month.

I will probably add some more free features to Sellathon but some of the advanced features that require more server or database space will probably remain pay. It's hard to say right now because until we have it moved to our server room and running on the updated database I can't tell how much muscle it takes to run it. Once I know how much muscle it takes I can decide what I can or can't do with it, and how much can be free.

I've got a lot of ideas though so I know some of the things I'd like to try. We'll probably extend trials to 60-90 days to give new users more time after we get the new hardware. That will also give us a better idea of how well it could scale if we let even more people have it for free or with more free features.

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