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Hi everyone,

If you'd like a live tour of the Auctiva website and real-time demonstrations on how to use the Auctiva toolset, register for our free Auctiva 101 Webinar that's being held on December 21st at 11:00am PST (that's 2pm EST).

These webinars are highly recommended for new and returning sellers. Those attending receive a guided tour of the Auctiva website–complete with feature demonstrations that explain how to use the Auctiva listing, marketing and order management tools, as well as, all of our efficient automated tools. At the end there will be time for Q&A so be sure to bring any questions you may have!

Find out how Auctiva can benefit you and register now for the next Auctiva 101 Webinar.

To see which tools we'll specifically talk about, or if the above time doesn't work for your schedule, check out the details for the upcoming webinars.

Hope to see you there Smile


Product Manager

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