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Hi everyone,
I just listed several auctions last week after a ~2-year break from ebay. I've got a bunch of books that I want to sell. I'm wondering though, what my best options are for selling books - ebay, Amazon, etc.?

Note: I don't take Paypal, which I know will probably decrease ebay bidding. When I listed this batch, I went and looked at PP's site again, but I just don't like the additional fees and the lack of recourse with chargebacks, etc. that I've heard about.

Any ideas?
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Hi mar30.

Welcome back! Since you've had a 2 year break from Ebay, you may not know this...Ebay offers NO buyer protection anymore at all. Only PP does. I used to think nothing of sending a $100 money order to a seller, but not anymore. If the seller didn't want to send my item I'd be up the creek now Frown

Alot of folks, including myself will ONLY pay with Paypal now. As long as what you sell isn't going for hundreds of dollars, I wouldn't even worry about chargebacks etc. And even in the event of a chargeback, your CC would fight it. I would want the buyer to fell more secure in bidding, therefore hopefully getting more bids Big Grin JMHO...
I don't know anything about Amazon or other ecommerce sites because I've never used any of them. Speaking for myself, I would take PP.

OH and CEO Meg Whitman from Ebay is gone now and there are rumors of lowered seller fees (think I even read something to that effect in Auctionbytes).

In any case, good luck with whatever you decide Smile
If your books are very common, Amazon is probably the way to go. If they are unique or would generate interest by having pictures, go with eBay. I've sold books for $20 on eBay that were one cent on Amazon. It does take more time to list on eBay.

I think its good to accept PayPal. If you offer combined shipping discounts, require the buyer to ask for combined invoice BEFORE paying PayPal and it will save on the PayPal fees.

I have watched ebay for a while, and I have watched the pulse page...seems to me there are some people who are hogs of the front page...if you look at thier watcher counts things just don't add up to the counter on the bottom of the page if they put one...How can we stop this from going on. I thought the pulse page was for everone not just the 3 people who have the first page... any ideas on how to make it fair for all of us...or should we all band together and knock them off over and over so we can have a fair chance???
OK, I just read the announcements about the fee changes and the seller feedback changes....WOW THAT REALLY DOES SUCK. Frown

Guess I'll be looking into Amazon and CraigsList for my books (and other stuff I may have intended to sell) instead once this batch is over. I've got bids on 2 items out of 16 so far, and they're up until Thursday night.

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