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where oh where to JUMP!!!??? bidville bought by ubid... will that make bidville better?? will they try to sell to google??

wagglepop best out there for the buyers to look and enjoy.... will this site go fast upwards??

auctiva maybe having stores and it like wagglepop ?? with great enjoyment for buyers like wagglepop??

ecrater too washed out and weak for buyers to enjoy but they may load up to froogle good...and same items over and over when buyers browse... blujay better looking for buyers than ecrater but may not load up to froogle as well but sellers have more control...

google now has froogle and checkout... but with froogle the first 5 pages of ones interest may not change enough to keep buyers coming back alot......

wagglepop if it becomes safe has the best shot since it is a site that is best for buyers to look and enjoy items...

jumping like a butter BEAN... where to jump NEXT???????HELP!!!!
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