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You will all be sick with grief after you see sure to read the comments too. Ebay has some new nasty surprises in store for us, and not just the red text:
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It really is becoming the death of a thousand cuts. Every few days it's another change, another interpretation of a subsection of a policy, some little difference between the spin we're told and the way it actually works. It's getting tiresome.

I read elsewhere that the new CEO has said that we haven't even seen an eight of what they have planned. The way it's going, that sounds like a threat to me.
Funny really, pass an academic course and get 80% you can get a distinction, 4/5 with greedbay and you are a pariah of society an untouchable.

They make the rules re-write the rules break the rules, why, they are the online auction god, the rules are only made to wring as much of your profit out of you as possible.

Can't wait to see an honest TV advert showing them actually wringing blood out of stone, at this rate Bill Gates will look like an angelic loser in comparison Wink

I am passed get worked up over this, they just give me more reasons each week now to seek out an alternative, thanks greedbay Smile

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