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This has been previously addressed but can't seem to locate thread and it has been several months since reported.

When you go to choose template there is box saying: Keyword or Template ID which you use to could type subject into the box and worked beautifully. Now, random things show up that do not apply at all to the subject put in.

This has NOT always been doing this, and is quite irritating to keep going through templates that do not apply at all to the subject and seems to be happening in more and more categories.

This was mentioned a few months ago, and I believe was going to be looked in to but can't seem to locate thread. If anyone happens to remember thread would be appreciated as we can add to that thread. It has been a few months since original posting.

Some examples:

*men - 118 template choices come up... MOST not relating to men or mens items.

*cat -80 templates come up...but yet when you type in kitten only 4 come up; Kitty 5 come up (I am not sure how terms such as Graduation Pink, Grey Gangway, Ladybug Pond,Native American Pattern, etc., come anywhere NEAR relating) Seems to me as though Cat, Kitty and Kitten should pretty much have mostly same templates.

*Car - Not sure how Fat Tuesday, Fly Ball, Deck Those Halls, Beauty Eyes, Goldfish fall in here + others

* Dog seems dog should have same as puppies and pups but quite different

* Cow - not as bad as others but OINKER comes up with pig picture no cow in photo?

* Bra entire world of items that simply do not relate at all.

* Beauty - Pump it up...would think that should be in exercise and sand dollar?

I realize SOME templates should be in several places such as dog, dogs, puppy pup, etc., but these are just random items that no where near relate to subject at hand.

There are many others...could go on and on...but pretty late here so won't bore you.

This seems to be coming more widespread than I remember it being at first...(or maybe I am using more variety than previously)

Does this drive others up a wall or just me???
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Hi lookandbuyme,

I believe the previous thread on this topic you are referring to is located on the following page of our Community Forum:

As I mentioned when that thread was locked, we are looking into making some improvements to the template selection interface as a whole in the future and we will be looking into this search issue as part of that project as well.

I am still not sure when we may be able to update this interface, but I still intend to update the aforementioned thread when the issue has been addressed or any new details become available.

We apologize for the continued difficulties.

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