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I have set and reset everything. Keep getting this when I want to print a shipping label.
Warning! You have selected items that cannot generate a shipping label pdf for download. This is because:
You have not yet created labels for them, or the labels are invalid. Please verify your bulk selection(s) already have shipping labels created for them.
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Hello NinaG -

We are not aware of any difficulties with printing shipping labels that have already been purchased from within accounts, however you would encounter the message you refer to if you clicked on the Print Label button on the eBay sales page of your account with an item selected that did not already have a label purchased for it.

This would also occur if you attempted to print more than one at a time and included an item that did not have a label purchased for it already.

If you are encountering this difficulty when you have only one item selected that you have already acquired a label for or for a group of items that already have the labels purchased that does not include any items that do not have labels, please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site providing us with a few examples of items from your eBay Sales page where this is occurring for you with a description of the difficulty as well as your Operating System and Browser information and we will be happy to look into this for you.

- Craig

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