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Why would Auctiva not post here that 80% of their staff is going to China for a week for some sort of a celebration. This info was posted on FB and not on your own site??

Personally I am not a FB user and many people don't use social networking this info was sent to me by another member that happened across it and that is equally upset that once again info is not even being posted on your own site for your members.

Considering the problems and issues that are still not resolved and with the amount of problems we, your customers are still currently dealing with...this information would be pertinent to us.

What is going to happen when there are additional problems or issues where something isn't working.

This is a MAJOR concern especially that we are having the amount of problems and issues that are still unresolved or not addressed even with a full staff....what is going to happen with only lets say 15 Auctiva staff people actually working and not on vacation with the other 65 staff people in China. (those numbers are rough estimates based in posted number of employees so it may be off a couple people either way).

We still have major issues unresolved for months now. What are "YOU" celebrating??

We, your customers, are working overtime having to switch browsers back and forth to get various features to work. We are having to revise listings in eBay because there are issues and listings are not transferring over properly or with issues. We have to work around issues with your uploader not being compatible or updated properly with Java and the list goes on.

Now we can look forward to a week with less Auctiva staff...and less efforts getting issues resolved as you can't be fixing issues here if you are celebrating in China.
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