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I'm probably the last to know, but what's with the launch times on Auctiva? If I schedule an auction to launch at, say, 8:00 P.M. CST/MEX (per Auctiva's launch page), it acutally launches an hour earlier, at 7:00PM. This summer, the launcher gave the time in CST even though we were on CDT and it launched on schedule, i.e. Enter 8:00 CST, it would launch at 8:00 CDT

I just verified this with an auction I sent up last week. Auctiva shows its last post time as as being
11/5/2006 9:09:44 PM CST / MEX
. My acknowledgement from eBay came through at 8:10 PM CST, roughly an hour earlier.

Not a terrible problem if you know what's going on, but I hope Auctiva will notify us when/if it is corrected so we'll know when to stop compensating for it. Or could it be something at this end?

Anyone else have this happen?

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