Just got a call from ebay, stating that all 50,000 of our listings may be removed, because they include a link that leads to the Auctiva website, part of the auctiva templates. Is Auctiva aware of this issue? Is there a plan to resolve this?

Did anyone else receive such a call?
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Hello bluebirds 15 -

We are aware of the upcoming changes to eBay's links policy as we are aware of all of the changes eBay will be requiring as noted in the Summer Seller Update. We are currently processing active listings to remove seller contact information as eBay is requiring that all contact be made via eBay messaging.

You can see here in the Additional Information area what the requirements for Third Party provider credits and we are working on updating such links to direct back to eBay's listing tool pages.

Please be aware that we are working on this process to operate similarly to the active content updates where the changes occur automatically from our end as needed and, as always, we are here to help you work through all of the requirement changes to eBay policy as defined in seller updates.

- Craig

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