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FYI....I suggest checking your listings. Had a bunch show up with no gallery images. This does NOT appear to be auctiva issue, appears to be ebay but this way you know to check listings. Here is my post on forum that gives specifics to my conversation with them. PLEASE if you are having same issue CALL THEM!!! Only takes 5 minutes.
I just hung up from ebay 5:02 eastern time 6/21/2012. Out of 173 relists I had 42 without gallery photos last night before getting notification of failures out of that 42 I got 3 notifications of gallery failures. Rest no notification. I immediately mentioned that I know how to FIX the problem, but I do not want to fix them....I want ebay to deal with the issue that it is waste of my time to redo listings. Of course, 3 times she tried to tell me now to fix it and I cut that conversation short. I was told that they have "NO REPORTED PROBLEM" of this nature so far. Needless to say, I argued this and said, strange your forum members say they have reported and you are saying they have not. Strange that people would lie about reporting (ha) I then told her I would post response on here.

I suggest specifically asking them to write up report and send they insist there is NO reported problem.

I asked for notification when fixed or at least putting on forums...said no at first and I said, look this is like throwing money in the toilet to list without gallery photos it is waste of time and money. she then said they will "try" to notify me. Now....I wait on that notification - NOT!!

IF you have called may want to call again, if you have not do not assume others are....insist they report it again so they will know how many people this involves. Wait was less than 60 seconds for me.

Also, notice that my SAVED searches this morning had about 1/2 of the photos not in there. After checking these are people whose other listings have photos so would assume their norm is that they include them.

Again, please continue to call, maybe they will catch on that there IS a problem.

Thanks all and hopefully I am ONLY person who has missing images.

Again, I do not think this is auctiva issue, as forum members do not all list through auctiva.
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