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Okay, I can't list using Opera browser. I've had this problem since I got here but I HATE complaining especially when something is free but I'm planning on listing alot more and want to make my steps as easy as I can.

When I use Opera, everything works fine but the description and the preview. The description box is just a simple box, which would be okay if I knew html but I'm VERY limited and need the full editor, but when I click on the link on top of box a pop up comes up with the editor but I can't do anything. Can do screen print if needed.

Also when I go to preview a listing, the pop up preview window is blank.

I've been using FF to list, but I much prefer Opera, cause I like the tab set up better and usually have at least 6 tabs opened at one time, I also like that it comes back to where I left when I reopen it.

If this has been discussed, I apoligize. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a special setting on Opera I need to adjust? Help (said in my most pathtic whinning voice, lol)
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Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
Is the tabbed browsing in Opera better than that in Firefox? I love it in Firefox but I've never tried Opera..
I LOVE the tab browsing in Opera, I love firefox's too but Opera's to me is better. I usually have at least 8 tabs open all the time and its so easy to go back and forth and also after you close the browser and then restart it, it will restart with the exact tabs you closed it with. There is also a garbage can so when you close a tab by mistake, you can get it back in seconds.
Originally posted by Ozarktools:
AngelLisa, Can't tell you what the problem is but I don't think it is your computer. I haven't used Opera lately but I just now checked it after reading your post and it is doing the same thing for me that you describe.
Also checked Firefox and IE and they both work but Opera does not.
Thank You, I should file a support ticket I guess to see if it can be fixed. Not that its that big of deal to use firefox, just easier to use one broswer.

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