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I didn't realize that Ebay charges a high insertion fee according to the amount of the reserve that I set. I just wanted to let you know (and I understand that it's just an "estimate"), but your estimate says insertion fee of only .35 cents or whatever, and in reality it's more like $1.20 and $2.40 in two cases. I had not realized that Ebay did that, and when I saw that it was different from what you had estimated, I thought there was a problem, until I went to Ebay help and read that. Just thought you might want to work on changing the estimate to be more inline with Ebay fees on the reserve auctions. Thanks
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I think I need more information on what values you entered because I tested it and it appeared to calculate the reserve fee correctly.
We do seperate the "insertion fee" from the "reserve fee" though since eBay refunds the reserve fee portion if your item sells.

With a Start Price of $1 and a Reserve of $242.55:

Estimated eBay fees to list this auction are broken down as follows:
Insertion: $0.35
Reserve (refunded if item sells): $2.43
Total*: $2.78

Auctiva David
Hi, it's me again, it's probably something I'm overlooking, but when I did it, this is what happens: Auctiva estimate is this: insertion fee .25 reserve fee 2.00 gallery fee .35 second category: double fees for a total of $5.20 Ebay shows this on my seller account: Gallery fee .35 then again (since it's in two categories) .35 Insertion fee (starting price of .99, with reserve price of $70.00) 2.40, another insertion fee 2.40, then the reserve fee of 2.00 and another reserve fee of 2.00 for a total of $9.50, which I consider to be a BIG DIFFERENCE, being $4.30. Please let me know. Thanks, Dianne
Thanks for responding so quickly! I didn't know if it was something I was doing. It was quite a shocker, since I guess I didn't realize that Ebay charged like that, I figured they would base it on the starting price (being .99), which is what they should do, but I guess they want another way to make some money. Thanks again for being on it! Dianne

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