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I am new here been using Auctiva for awhile to list to eBay.
I list historical military items.
My problem is if it is German anf has a swaztika on it eBay kicks it off.
Can I list such items on my Auctiva store without it getting kicked off.
I consider these item to be of historical value and most of my costumers do also.
Any advice will be great.
Thanks Joe
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Hi Joe,
I suppose you could limit your title wording so the ebots wouldn't pick up on it....however, there are quite a few members I know of who spend all their free time looking for things to report. They are actually helping people, trying to stop obvious scams, but if anyone found your listing offensive I'm sure they would not hesitate to report it.

Actually I myself have a great interest in such items for their historical significance, it's really a shame they are so hard to list.
I respectfully agree with ChooChoo on this issue.

Joe...Might I suggest a free ecrater store for such items?

ECrater submits to Google/Froogle and your item will come up when anyone puts the item into a search for swastika's and/or associated memoriabilia.

If you open an ecrater could put a link to your ecrater store on your Me page. Or have the link in your signature. If you have your own website dot com set up, you could set a store up on your website and sell it that way.

Take care, Donna

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