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When shipping from Australia the Northern Hemisphere and NZ falls into roughly 4 price zones - New Zealand, Asia, North America and UK/Europe. Under Shipping Tools/International Shipping Services I select "Add another service" and set a Flat Rate Price for each of the zones. However once the listing is posted only the first and last services are retaind in the listing.

This means that a large portion of the world does not get to see my listings - Asia and North America, as their shipping services have dropped off the listing.
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Hello Federal Books -

I am not aware of any issues on our end that would cause a shipping issue such as you have described, so it is unclear what may be occurring for your listings. In order to take a look into what is occurring, we'd need to take a look into your account and at some affected listings, especially if you have not yet modified the listings on eBay and the live listings are showing differing information than the Saved Listings in your account. Please let us know the titles of some saved listings where this has occurred and which eBay site (US, Australia etc.) this is occurring with and we'd be happy to look into it for you.

- Craig
It is happening on Ebay Australia however it is also an Auctiva listing issue as despite setting up 4 international shipping options when I go back to the listing after it is saved it only has 2 international shipping options remaining. I have had to adjust the listings so the shipping allows Worldwide viewing but the first I noted in occurring with is
I have just tried a test listing using the original item as recorded above and have been unable to replicate the issue myself - whilst it could be easy to explain as a PEBKAC I list 600-900 items a month and adding additional postal services is something I have done thousands of times. Its possible its something I did but I would have to have had to overwrite fields which I had just filled in moments before for the additional services not to show up as intended.

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