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Hey everyone. I just stumbled upon Auctiva this morning, and have decided that I really think its capable of what I need to do on eBay. So, I did a test listing to see how I liked it. Everything was simple, but a few things grabbed my attention in a way that I really didn't care for, and I'm hoping its something that I can fix/change on future listings.

Here is a link to my first auction launched with Auctiva:

Here are the things I don't care for that I would like to be able to turn off:

1) Can I put the scrolling auction thingy at the bottom of my listing?

2) Can I remove the image from the bottom of my auction with the Click to Supersize and ONLY have the picture at the bottom like a normal eBay listing?

Thanks for any input. I appreciate it! Smile
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To change the position of the Scrolling Gallery, click on the Store tab and you can edit from there. (For future listings, not active ones)

As far as the supersize pic, I'm not sure how to leave that out without removing your gallery pic also. I'm sure there's a way, just don't know what it is Smile
But it looks great, I'd just leave it alone. I love the option of being able to get a closer look at something I'm ready to bid on.

I'm very close to the look I want, but I am still a little unhappy about the spacing and the advertising. I don't mind advertising Auctiva in my auctions, but this much advertising and spacing?

Can someone help me eliminate or at least clean up all the advertising and the gap between the bottom of my auction template and where the scroller begins? And also the space below the scroller?

I like the listing--you could remove the kick it back logo if you want to minimize the ads--when you go to ebay and revise it, switch to HTML and look for the <!-- Begin: Sellathon V2.0 --> and highlight that all the way down to where it says <!-- End: Sellathon --> and delete all that...Make sure you hit the preview button before you save it just to make sure you didn't accidentally delete something important....

Nice looking listing though!

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