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Hi all,
Here is the responce I have just recieved from Auctiva.
It works Big Grin Smile Smile

Hi Ray,

I would like to let you know that each different eBay site(i.e. US, United Kingdom, and Australia) has a slight different lister page so, once you have filled out the lister page specific to one eBay site, you cannot simply adjust the "eBay site" pull-down menu to reflect another eBay site. Therefore, if you want to post listing you have already created for one eBay site to a different eBay site, you would have to begin with the "New Listing" page, where you will be able to select the desired option from the eBay site pull-down menu.

If there is anything further I can do to assist you, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you,
Auctiva Support.
No, costs extra from the UK to list in the USA now as it is considered a seperate listing.

But for my penny worth, I have only ever listed on the UK site, and buyers from all over the world have had no problems seeing, bidding and paying for my items. Smile Afterall they can look at the UK site directly and bid.

I believe the categories differ between countries but then again a buyer who trusts that a seller has listed in the correct category and uses category specific searches will miss out on a bargain.

Many sellers particularly of collectibles and simply old stuff they come across may not even know what they have. Some just make a mistake and list in the wrong category.

Which site you list to mainly depends on your items and the target customers for them e.g. celebration date gifts which can be very country specific.
Below is a copy of one of my postings on an ebay thread. thread

"My sales have almost stopped and I too was busy until the change. I am at my wits end over this as other sellers are as well. My sales are now non existent, upto the changes we were selling everyday now we have more unsold item than we have ever had. Previously our unsold items were one or two but now are the majority of our listings.
I have tried to look for my items just like a customer would do and found it very complicated. Indeed, the item finder often will not work. When an item is selected in the item finder it clears it self any resets itself to any! I have tried on more than one occasion to select underwear in the item finder and it took 4 or more attempts to be successful! Generally buyers will not do this if they cannot find the items there are interested in they will just give up and leave. The old system was much better and it was very easy to use. If anyone doubt’s this try a search for yourself! Now do the same search in it’s much easier and faster!

Bring back the sub-categories, you can still keep the item finder as well but we need our sub-categories.

I only hope ebay do revert these changes otherwise selling on will not be an option!

I have now started to list on as well and sales are now starting to come in again!

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