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Having used Auctiva (briefly) some years ago (and recently having all my images deleted at 4 hours notice - Thanks!), I thought I'd give it another go now, with the "Free Trial".

This Auctiva thing REALLY doesn't play well with Ebay.DE (Germany).

Despite my listing passing the "Error Check", it has failed to list a couple of times today.

1. It seems the starting price must be 1.00Euro (not 0.99, as I entered). Nice to know.

2. The "Domestic Handling" field must also be completed for Germany - Also not picked up in "Error Check".

I have desperately tried to re-list my item several times, so that I don't miss my optimal closing time/ date.

But NO:
Now, I have ANOTHER failure, related to active scripts/ video content?


I assume this is something related to the way Auctiva generates pages? Or just a quirk of Ebay.DE?


The free trial has shown me that Auctiva is unreliable, clunky and time-consuming.

And they charge you people REAL money for this "Product"?

Rather you than me.

For the sake of saving a little money on image hosting, I'll list my occasional items directly with Ebay from now on - MUCH as it pains me to give them a larger slice of my cash, I'm HOPING my items will at least make it onto their site, rather than repeatedly failing to list.

A product to make something EASIER really shouldn't be this much hassle.


All the best. Smile
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Hi Humu Deluxe,

The API error that you are receiving regarding "active content" is most likely being returned by eBay because they do not allow the code used to generate the Auctiva scrolling gallery and Sellathon counter in your listings based on your account status. Unlike other eBay sites, there are qualifications you must meet to use this type of content in listings on eBay Germany.

These requirements are posted on the following page of the eBay Germany website:

If you feel that you meet the requirement to use this type of content and are therefore receiving this message in error, I recommend contacting our customer support team about this using the form on the following page of our site


Thanks for your reply.
I see that I had clicked the "Sellathon Counter".

No idea about the scrolling gallery, though; Or where I find it/ de-select it.

That's my main point:
If I'm going to use (and pay for) this tool:

* It MUST integrate reliably with Ebay in the country in which I'm using it;

* It has to be easy to navigate must simplify the whole Ebay process.

Based on my experience of:
* Accepting an erroneous start price (my error, but not picked up);
* Omitting the required domestic shipping field (ditto);
* Script errors...

It doesn't achieve that.

Or it *might*, but the learning process will drive away potential users through sheer frustration.

Best regards.
OK, so I tried again.
Re-listed my item from 10 days to 7 days, starting this evening;

Un-checked everything that might introduce script errors on Ebay.DE (scrolling, singing, dancing, galleries etc...)

Passed Auctiva error checks;
Failed to list - Script errors.

Luckily, I had prepared a backup:
I listed the same item via Ebay with a slightly later start time.

Listed fine - Guess I'll just let that one run.

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