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Hi, I have been doing one listing at a time and saving then posting to ebay then writing another and so on. I go to ebay after posting 30 listings and I find that alot of them have posted at least twice, sometimes 3x THis has never happened before. CAN I GET A credit? What do I do? this is alot of money in listing fees. LeeAnn
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Sorry, unlikely to get any credit from eBay. Frown

Tip for the future, write the listings, save them as you go. When you have a batch ready schedule them to go from Auctiva at intervals, even a minute is enough to make it easy to check them off as live, this eliminates accidental and profitable to ebay hiccups.

And the only way to be sure they have arrived at eBay is checking your active listings page, even eBay's mail confirmations of listing received is unreliable.

Sometimes stepping back a page in a browser can cause multiple events to be triggered not just with Auctiva.

edited by me to clarify scheduling Smile

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