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I am new to Auctiva after just migrated from SD (because of their imminent fee hike). I spend the whole night trying to figure out how to list and custom-make my own template. I can list but can't get my template to work so I am just using Auctiva's ready-made template after making a very small adjustment only.

The problem I now have is to preview a saved-listing. At the "Saved Listings" screen, I click select a specific listing and click the box "preview" but all it does is to bring me back to the same screen - no preview. The only way is get around this is to get into editing mode of that listing and then preview. There must be a faster and more convenient way of doing this. Please advise. Thanks.
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I agree. I don't think it is a problem with your servers no sending the code. It's really got to be something on my machine. I was just wondering if when my machine requested that .aspx page, if your computers got the request, and because of the way the request was formed, if perhaps they didn't send the title.

In any vent, I see you're off onto another train of thought. I like where you're going. I don't think it's a folder color may ver well be your "ad" text.

It looks like your site is down right now...probably implementing this fix....

I hope this is it, bud.....


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