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Hi Folks,

Trying to alter pics for the listings, when I click to preview a listing from saved listings the preview page is blank/white with two close preview button and 4 small empty boxes, when I try to add/replace an image from the pop up box, i can click 'done' but nothing happens?
This has just started happening today, I've checked flash and java versions, rebooted twice, no joy. . . . anything else I can try or is this an auctiva ended problem??
Screenshot attached hopefully Smile
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Suggestion: Actually open up the saved listing and scroll to the bottom and click preview.

If you are doing the preview from the new saved listing page without opening up the listing and you are getting the results you described...I think that might require a ticket.

I know that opening up the listing and then hitting the preview generally allows you to see your images and the text in the template you've chosen. hope that helps
It appears I have found the culprit . . . .
It seems to be a firefox add-on called adblock plus popup addon 0.9 - bizarre as this has been installed a while so it must be an update that's affected it. I disabled all add-ons in FF the re-enabled them one by one checking for that behaviour as I went along and this one's 'it' - consider me 'solved' for now and if anything else develops I'll post back . . . .

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