Hello, Auctiva ! I think profiles should be arranged alphabetically along with the date of creation as an option. It would be nice if the listings they were created for were in an associated folder. RON
I agree we need some control over how they are sorted, they can easily become unorganized. The ABC method works fine for me Wink
I voted for alphabetical, but I would actually like to be able to sort them by a variety of features: alphabetical, date of creation, type, etc.
Thanks for thinking of these great things!
Ah, very good observation. Looks like that page got left out when we added sorting.

I'll see what we can do about getting some default sorting in there. It won't happen till next week at the earliest but I'll bring it up.
Looks like we'll get that done for next week. I'm going to do default sorting by Name, with the option to sort by Name or CreateDate.

Same way you can sort your saved listings.
Also, we're going to add an account preference for which order your profiles show up in the 1-page lister dropdown boxes. I've noticed now that the dropdown list entries show up in the order the profiles were created. So we'll let you customize that as well.

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