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I was on someone else's computer to show them the listing I'm preparing. It looks much different than on my screen. I have a 17 inch monitor and I was viewing on a laptop. Listing should be set up the same, though you would think. On the laptop, it was stretched from left to right and had to used scroll bar from left to right to read and fully view. Pretty annoying and not at all how I set it up. I sure hope other listings I have had up were as easy to read for me and not a horrible mess for buyers. Any thoughts?
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Hi crjebay,

This is not an Auctiva issue.

The screen settings on your desktop and the laptop are different. You would have to go into Control Panel > Display > Settings to see what those settings would be.

The laptop is probably set at 800 X 600. I have my laptop set at 1024 X 768 and seldom run into a listing that has to be scrolled (unless someone has put several pics in a horizontal line).

I will beg to differ crjebay, ideally the listing appearance should change. A view of a web page should automatically resize to suit the available window without requiring scrollbars except when squeezed too much. (Images and fixed sized fonts excepted.)

Also text size if configured correctly can be changed to one of 5 sizes via the browser which will help older eBayers who by necessity have to run a large screen at low resolution.

The catch, you try and do this via listing tools consistantly and particularly if you paste your text from MS Word Roll Eyes

If necessary view at low resolution on another PC, any old cheap one will do.

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