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I am in Tennessee and I have my time zone set for Central time. What time do I have to list to get my auctions to end in MY TIME at 9pm?.

I thought I did my first ones right, but then randomly I have some auctions ending at 2 am Pacific time. Geesh I hate military time.

Please help and be specific. I looked through the archives, but noone really gives a complete answer.

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90% of all my images have been missing for days now. It has really affected all my sales. Items that sold quickly are not getting bids and items that generally would get high bids are receiving very little. As it is I will have to end all my bidding auctions just so I don't end up selling items for less than I would usually receive. So much for my weekend.
Filing support request???? Make sure you clear cookies, cache, and anything else and tell them you did it first time you write. Also, try in different browsers and tell them that also. Make sure you are very, very, very plain, as in spell out every detail of every listing issue.

I am finding lately that support is HORRIBLE, reminds me of ebay support, they just do not get it in support. Last 2 requests I have felt like a dog chasing my tail. One I gave up on until after holidays. Other I have been writing back & forth on all day.

Good luck!!


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