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To report listing violations to Ebay is an absolute JOKE!!!!
For example: Go to Ebay and type in the search box: gay nude and see what you get.

I have reported this kind of listing violation to Ebay many times and they do diddlely-squat about removing them or making the sellers put it into the private MATURE AUDIENCE catagory.

If this is what a buyer likes, whatever. I am not saying people should not be able to buy and sell this kind of "art" if that's what turns-them-on.

Just put it behind "closed doors" so children won't inadvertently see it! (However, that's a joke, too! Minors can still access the MATURE AUDIENCE catagory just by saying they are old enough to enter.)

Ebay makes up rules but doesn't enforce them.

Ebay...would you like to explain why you don't remove these obvious listing violations?
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