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Hey everyone,
Just wanted to let everyone know that we have listings up on Ebay at autohobby4me and um...other sites too. We are very excited, especially, about the Bonanzle site. Look for us there too but our name over there is ...'autohobby4us'...and I am working on a new booth called 'niftynook' for gently used but nice household items, toys, baby gear, etc...
Hey, if anyone has a couple of minutes, check out our blog here on my Auctiva store too.
Thanks for your time.
All the best,
Dave and Maribell
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Oh, one more thing; Just wanted to add that if you ever need affordable, used auto parts, owners manuals, stuff like that, let us know. We might be able to get it for you. Keep us in mind for anyone you know that needs something along those lines.
You can always email us too at We are always about helping people save money for their car parts needs. Thanks again. Smile
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To be honest, I haven't tried other 'auction sites'. Just other selling venues. I did wander over to ebid and checked it out. It does seem nice over there. Guess I am not sure how much better ebid is for auction type activity than the bay other than lower fees. But what about the STR (sell through rate)?
Not saying ebid has no STR but I just haven't taken the time to really experiment over there.
Anyone thoughts, anyone?

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