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Scheduled 3 listings for this evening, each one was sent to ebay three times -- I had to cancel a total of 6 listings, I'd imagine that ebay is charging for them. wonder if anyone else has experienced this? (this has been happening off and on for a few weeks, previously they've just been double-listed, which is slightly less annoying, but still...) I've written to auctiva several times to find out why this is happening, have yet to hear back from them.

& please, before anyone calls me a whiner or whatever, I've been using auctiva for several years, find it to be of tremendous use for scheduling and using multiple photos etc. I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth, but would rather not be double, & today triple, listing things that I only actually have one of...
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Hi I have recently started using Auctiva as a complete beginner.The same thing happened to me only much worse, I got a bill from ebay for $500.00.
It pays to be very careful until you are sure what you are doing.Also I am finding Auctiva very erratic for doing new listings.The editing features in the item descriptions are not there.
I am interested to here from other newbies.
the same has been happening to me for over a year, i have 5 staff and 5 pc's so have never been certain if this was human error, i also feel that some of my listings are not being posted (we do stock checks quite regular and find 'dead stock')
it would be nice to hear from auctiva on this, as in the past this has been put under the human factor but seems that this may not now be the case
Dixie, your not a whiner or crazy. I have had this problem as well. I have over 4000 items and do not have the time to check on the doubles. The lost Ebay fees suck but more importantly, this makes it look as though I have multiple copies of an item when I ONLY HAVE 1. I have had to do refunds 3 times in the last 6 weeks becoause of this. Now I take 1 morning every couple of weeks to go through all my listings and cancel out the doubles. Yet more work! Somebody needs to address this.
hi guys.
i have spoken to auctiva recently about this and 1 of my guys has discovered the flaw
i am still not sure if it the tabs or multiple computers (i have anywhere between 2-5 staff listing on as many pc's) and when there is more than 1 listing be uploaded at the same time the other listings literally dissappear and instaed the other listing is listed multiple times.
we use tabs so that they are easier to preview en masse before being uploaded.
all this said auctiva has said that there is nothing they can do as the software is for single person/computer use only.
but they have still not told me if it is a problem with tabs or multiple computers or both.
oh and guys check your shelves for dead stock
hi all
complaining though i may be i do enjoy this software, it is the best listing method i have found and to me beats turbolister hands down but if there are as many double listings as there have been, and with this as many 'lost' items on my shelves that will not move until my next stockcheck (i have over 6000 items on ebay) i will have to move.
the major problem is the larger i get the more hassle this will cause.
CEO JEFF i understand you must cater for the masses and the 1 person 1 pc i understand but is there no way you could enable multiple auctiva users to post to one ebay account?
if i have 6000+ listings (with the anchor store discount in UK) and the other guy here 4000 you are losing a lot of advertising.
we want to stay, why not? but we dont seem to have a lot of options here
your reply, whatever that may be, will be happily recieved so that at least we all know we are being heard
PS i would like to hire more staff but currently cannot with this problem as almost ALL of my stuff is bespoke

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