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I emailed Auctiva support about this yesterday and have yet to receive an answer. I created 5 auctions and scheduled them to list in 5 minute intervals at a specific time last night. Later last night when I checked, only one of the five had listed. I error checked the rest and all were ok. I tried to then manually post and nothing. I'd get the message that the listings were being posted but they were not. I tried launching these about 3 to 4 times and today, still nothing has been posted. What's the use of a listing service that WON'T list. This is very frustrating. I have been using Auctiva for years and know my way around. There is a problem here and they should make an announcement. People may be assuming their listings are being posted and they may not be. Anyone else having a problem with your Auctiva listings not posting to ebay?
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Hi JD,
It appears that the listings failed because you haven't stated your return policy (which eBay is now enforcing since June 16th.) To see the API error message from eBay, just click the red box at the top of your page where it says "Notifications." You can also view the errors by going to your Scheduled Listings page.

Hope that helps!
That is happening to me also.
There is another problem with relisting from the closed auctions page. Because all the auctions that ended do not have the shipping time entered they are all failing when trying to relist.
There needs to be a way to change just that field with out using a profile. The only way to fix this on a large scale is through a profile. I have many items in a folder with different shipping profiles attached to them. If I can just change this field it would be a lot easier.

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