Hi I listed 9 items 27 hours ago and they are not posting to eBay at all.They are designer label which I was told it would take longer but this is crazy.When I listed it said that it was posted to eBay but it hasn't.It doesn't even show up in My ebay selling.I have n't received e-mails either to say they are listed.They are not in my Active listing but are in my saved listings which I have posted a few more last night but it is still showing nothing.Can any one please help?
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If they're not in your 'my ebay' then they haven't posted at all. If it was because of a designer label you would have gotten a notice from Ebay. No way to say what the problem is...did you get any kind of error message?
Check up at the top of your Auctiva page under 'events' there might be something there. If not you should file a support request with Auctiva using the help button at the top.
Hope you get it sorted out.
Hey, I've found if it's a designer brand you have to make sure you have filled out the choose item specifics and custom item specifics underneath the first catagory ID on your listings page. You need to fill in the colour, fabric detail etc of your product.
Hope this helps. Cheers

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