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Same as yesterday, have spent HOURS & HOURS trying to upload images to listing. They upload but then when try to preview or save listing the page freezes and I can't proceed, have to come out of the listing, losing my work and start again. Have managed to save a few, so it's just happening randomly. What's the problem this time??

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I am not a newbie - but I am so frustrated. I try and try to get my auctions up and can't even get into Auctiva. If I'm lucky enough to get in and actually sign in then I cannot put up more than one auction. Yesterday I had to resort to using Ebay. I've looked at other services and think I'll try them out. I like the format and the wonderful templates here but the bottom line is that Auctiva is rarely accessible to ome.
Well I don't know if this will help anyone, but it has been slightly better the past few hours.

I upgraded my browser (Internet Explorer) to run on the latest version (7.0??) I had been running 6.0. That did help tremendously with loading the front pages at sign in. Then, after every listing, I would completely close the browser and then open up a new session. I found that if I didn't close after each listing that I would usually get hung up when I tried to load the pictures or the template on the second listing. And forget editing a picture! If I didn't open up a new session - hung up forever! Now the pages seem to be working like they are supposed to if I follow the steps above. Don't know if it's me, or if the bugs finally got straightened out somewhat. It's still not great, but it's better than yesterday.

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