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I my images aren't all loading and are replaced with 'loading image' I thought there was a problem with those particular photos so last night at an ungodly hour I removed the ones that wouldn't appear and replaced them. now these new ones are doing the same thing! They are all in jpeg format, downloaded, named and uploaded all exactly the same so I don't understand why some show and others don't.

Also last night I edited my store feature to the colours I liked and saved them. When I look at my preview my changes are all there, but how come they are still not updated on ebay after almost 24 hours later?
Sorry to sound moany but since trying the store feature, there hasn't been one day without a problem. When my items have sold they are still on the store ages afterwards for viewers to see and the clock is not in sync with ebay either!
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Hello, sometimes your browser will cache the Store Window in order to help pages load faster. If you are seeing old auctions or times displayed in the Store Window you can try to clear your browsers cache and see if it does not update.

As for updating the store window colors, the only changes you make that affect live eBay auctions are the text (such as store title, closed auction text, ect.) The new colors will start showing up in new auctions you post after making the change.
Hi David,

I have cleared the browsers cache many times over the last week or so, but the problem still remains. It's such a pity because I really like the Store Window but it looks a mess when half of the boxes are empty.
Regarding changing the colours of the store window, do you mean that I can never change the blue / green main box, just the text colour? If so, why is that?

Thanks in advance

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