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Every once in a while I try and post one of these and they won't post. It says they are posting, but they never show up. It's been like this for years. I can't figure out how to do it without putting a shipping price in. But if I put $1 as the shipping price, some moron will no doubt expect me to ship some mammoth item for that price because nobody reads anything but the price before bidding. (Bitter? Yes.) I have a refund policy up, I've tried it without one, all other countries aren't selected. What am I missing here?
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I checked the API error message that eBay returned for one of your listings (car bumper) and it was not posted due to the statement "I accept payment through PayPal, by money order, or cash in person."

Although you can technically accept those payment methods when choosing "Payment on Pickup", you can't actually say that in the listing for your particular category. Some motors categories you can say that, but in most you cannot. I know, it's very complicated, but when has eBay ever been easy to figure out? Smile

Here's the exact statement from ebay:

"Sellers aren't allowed to make statements like:

“Contact us for payment information.”

“Contact us for other payment methods.”

“Contact us for your preferred payment method.”

“Buyers may request to pay by check or money order.”

There is only one exception: Sellers who offer payment upon pickup may include the following statement in their listings: “Contact me for payment methods to pay on pickup.”

So as long as you select Payment on Pickup, and don't mention cash or money orders in your checkout/ayment instructions, it should post.

To read the entire Accepted Payment policy, check here eBay payments

Hope this is helpful!

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