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Thanks for the replies. I'm not really looking for someone to make one for me because I'm able to do that myself, I have Paint Shop Pro and a few other programs that I use.

I'm just at a loss for ideas. I'm not quite sure how the look should be so I thought if I viewed other pictures that would fit with the theme I'm looking for then maybe a picture would pop in my head for a design.

Quite frankly there is more in the name than the logo. The two should go together nicely basically. Then a "theme set" for the actual page designs. ie: Target uses a "Target" and a dowser (dog) for their mascot. Mascot's dont hurt either.

Many (MANY MANY) vendors on the net... especially entrepenuers do not realize that visual appeal is EVER SO IMPORTANT on the Internet.

The FIRST THING PEOPLE SEE WILL BE YOUR AD, or in the case of a web store, the look of that or in the case of emails... THAT!!!!

Retailers spend OODLES of money on visual appeal of ad's, the stores and then some. We are a VERY visual society (as are other consumer based nations). Manufacturer's spend OODLES of dough on visual appeal. Its considered a marketing imperative in fact.

Most folks dont understand marketing. They think it basically "common sense" and alot of it is. Alot more of it is not.

One of the biggest problems that many a "point of sale" or services for that matter have is engineering .vs. marketing.

That being said, engineers (hardware, software, network etc) think marketing is child's play as compared to the heaping gobs of information and skill sets required for their careers. Marketing folks think that engineers are generally geek-o-rama peep's.

I am skilled in both areas... unusual to be sure.

Marketing is far far more complex than engineering. Bet knowbody here would ever think an "engineer" would say that... especially when marketing seems so "common sense" like.

Reality is engineering has defined boundaries. We want make this. We use these tools. To be sure it might be complex but point being their exists finite boundaries.

In Marketing... eeps... everything is variable. The prospect customer be that end consumers, other retailers, businesses on and on... all very different people, organizations and then some. The demographics can be staggering and again no defined boundaries. We can try and single out demographics and target them. We can do things like make our ad campaigns, visual appeal, marketing terms on and on and on be more appealing to our target demographic.

For example... If selling high performance car parts we really want to be "high tech" in looks, with slogans and words that latch the prospect demographic. We want use colors that promote excitement.

If however we are selling organic foods we want put forward a presence that uses earth tones, nice appealing colors that work well together. We want our verbage, logo's etc. to make the consumer feel nice, healthy and safe. A appeal that makes them feel we are looking out for their best health interests and that of their family.

MANY MANY Entrepenuers miss the boat when it comes to not only recognizing a target demographic but also how to appeal to them. Its not easy by any means. Its why REALLY good marketing people can command BIG salaries.

I always advise anyone SERIOUS about web sales to pick up some good marketing books. ALSO LOOK AROUND AT HOW THOSE WHO DO TARGET DEMOGRAPHICS DO SO. That means look at how businesses target end customers. Try and understand WHY they are doing things the way they do.

At eBay... need understand that things are a tad different. That being the vendors all kind of sit in this enormous flea market. Thus as vendors we will see all forms of consumers. Bargain shoppers could care less how your ad's look, they want price. Everybody wants best price, just natural. Doesnt mean thats an imperative however. Many eBay'rs are more concerned with trust. So... that we can build into our ad's. Many look for experience, when buying this or that they want know the vendor they are dealing with has real support.

All of these facets also extend into the retail world. Many facets of eBay do not. Walmart does not have a wall where any consumer can say anything about their business, aka: ratings.

There is alot to consider really and believe me it's best to try and learn as much upfront as possible to save trial and error.

We've been at web sales a long long time and pretty much just coming back to eBay. We were with eBay before eBay was called eBay (it was called AuctionWeb). We for years worked more of the commercial circuit.

So why back to eBay?

Well... we have some ideas. BIG ideas.

We're a small business and happy at that. But we have worked with some of the biggest entities going. We also have done work with the US State Dept. and then some.

Again... MANY businesses do not REALIZE the opportunities that may well exist for them.
THANKS for the hello booklady!

I have been so busy lately. Two of my children applying for college/culinary institute and helping them to find scholarships, my two part time jobs (even though they only equal 20 hours a week it's still alot to me), couple of eBay IDs, getting ready for the big selling season, administering the ASM (which I'm so proud of) and trying to have a life myself. <smile>

As far as logo goes...if anyone needs this link, it's a good one.

It walks a person thru the logo process.

I try and come here to the boards to see if I can help. We have some really great new members that are full of so much's impressive.

Take care,

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