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Hello everyone, I am fairly new to selling on ebay. SO far I really love it. I have had several sales so far, however I am worried about the whole copyright issue going on.
I really need some advice. I sell designs that I have drawn but I am so worried about someone taking them and using them against my wishes.
I have a name for my designs but have not created a logo yet.
I have looked into getting help to create my logo, etc, but it looks pretty expensive, I am talking into the thousands of dollars if I were to hire someone out of ebay to do all this. I know I can make all of this myself in Paint Shop Pro anyway.
But I am wondering about getting some type of legal copyright or brand. How much does this cost? Has anyone done this?
Sorry for the ramble, but how do I make my brand and logo legal so that no one can come in and say that my designs belong to them etc etc???

Thank you.
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