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I saw on the pond pad that one seller already has a troll (I am a lurker there!) he wanted a thing out of ebay for $75 less - seller would not budge and does a BIN ..two weeks later the buyer says seller needs to give him a discount $75 how about that! - or he is going to give a neg to neg all negs (lol!) just like that - - wish they put his user Id on the pad- sure would like to block that one!
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Yeah they're gonna have to change THAT requirement aren't they...No buyers will ever have a negative feedback...No matter how terrible they were they will all be 100% positive. FOREVER. Pretty scary.

We will have to look for ourselves to see what kind of feedback bidders have left for others, but who has the time or inclination for that? Most of my spring sales are the result of bidding wars and snipers, I can't keep up with that Frown All I'll be able to do is hope for the best which is not saying much.
What I fail to understand is everyone's sudden fear of buyers. In the 11 years I've been selling, and probably somewhere between 5000-6000 transactions, I have never once had a "bad buyer". Oh sure, I get the occasional deadbeat, but I go through the process and get my funds back.

If you're worried about the one sided feedback, I fairly sure eBay is going to be on top of "bad buyer complaints", knocking out these cheeseballs when reported. Why do I think this? Honestly, I don't know! I'm just being hopeful that even with the higher fees, things will pretty much run as they always have and I'll have the same types of buyers I've always had. My items don't tend to attract the creeps and assholes, like the type of seller moving generic ink cartridges or cell phone accessory crap. The stuff I'm selling is either the only one listed, or one of a few. This is the only part of this change I have some hope about. All the rest, sucks.
haha - this what the seller got in reply to her calling her PS rep

"We are hoping to hear something very soon, but this had become a hot
issue as other sellers are reporting similar issues with their buyers"

if this is an issue NOW - the MORONS are going to be deluged when the new FB policy goes in effect
and the stupit idiots will raise the price again to help cover more hires in the stupid dept for customer help ( OH wait what customer help?????)

Ebay must be the nations largest employers of people with IQ of 10 or LOWER
Hi! I just recently read that ebay bought The above link from JeffS (Wink Hi again!), mentions that sdc is short for ShoppingDotCCom; very interesting don't you think?
I've found so many incredible videos and other links concerning boycott information.
Can they be posted here for others to enjoy? Just want to make sure I don't do anything wrong...
I've got links from the forum, utube, etc.
The videos are fabulous; so creative!
Apparently a second BIG strike is planned for May 1st-I've got the links for info & the video if it's okay?

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