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I found a great new place that has been around for some time now but they just entered the US market place a few weeks ago and they are taking off like a rocket.

If 0 listing fees and 2% final value fees sounds good to you then come on over

Featured listings ONLY a Dollar and they can run indefinitely!

I am still setting up over there myself and had a sale right off the bat.
I listed a 90 dollar coin as a featured listing "cost me a buck" and sold it 2 days later. My final value fees on this sale were 0 ZIP, notta, nothing! However paypal was a different story. Roll Eyes

This place also lets you except checks, money orders and google checkout just to name a few. Wink

Whos laughing now ebay? Razz
-------------------------- Dsouth I List at and Not eBay because I like my money in my pocket instead of ebays. - I earn Cash back on almost ALL of my Online purchases at and it's 100% free.
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No prob.

I am about 1/2 way setup over there so far.
I got about 250 of 500+ items setup so far.

I made 3 sales so far and one of them was a large amount. I sold a 2,200.00 coin this weekend and my final value fees were a big fat ZERO on that sale!! Feebay would have taken about 87.00 in FVF on that one.

Yeah it is looking pretty good over there so far. They been in the US market place less than a month and they already have 1.3 million US listings and growing fast.

Because of I think ebay is going to get some "PAYBACK" for its actions in the past and present.
I JUST joined EBid.

eBay pissed me off by rejecting a historic photo of Hitler Youth as "promoting hatred".

eBay might want to pretend the holocaust never happened, but denying history only dooms us to repeat it.

I have the item on EBid now - we will see how the bidding goes.

Signing up was painless, and the price to post and have a featured auction was only $1. No hidden fees. This will certainly be handy when I try to sell other "questionable" items such as German WWII artifacts.
Wow - I am so happy your sharing your experience with us! Good to know and I will venture over to the eBid sight.
Just left ebay and others are correct when they say they got very tired of trying to keep up the "Power Seller" rating. It didn't do any good having that next to my name. Feedback was the most important thing for us sellers.
Waiting to hear about Auctiva Commerce. I have been using them for pictures, etc., for two years now and love everything about Auctiva. Hope they don't get money hungry like ebay and run us all out of business.
Hey, thanks for your input. I am looking into it now.
Kindly, Shari-pie
Looks like ebid is taking off pretty good at this point. My first and only sale for the year so far was on the 1st and it was 500.00+ sale that took place at ebid.

My final value fees on this 500.00 sale at ebid was 0.00, ZIP, Notta, Nothing!

If ebay isn't running scared at this point they are dumber than I figured!

Thu 01 Jan 2009 02:18:03 (EST) Final Value Fee x 5 2008-P United States Sacagawea Golden Dollar BU Roll Featured Auction Based off BuyNow Price of $49.95 0.00
Thu 01 Jan 2009 02:08:12 (EST) Final Value Fee x 5 2008-D United States Sacagawea Golden Dollar BU Roll Featured Auction Based off BuyNow Price of $49.95 0.00
Did anyone ever doubt eBay would fail miserably after last year's insanity?

Unfortunately, eBid doesn't have a good category for my items yet but I did check it out & it looks promising in the future. I wish it well.

Meanwhile, I'm on that is a site for handmade arts, crafts & what not, including vintage things & craft supplies. It's super simple to use & set up a shop in no time flat. They only charge .20 per listing & listings last three months. I can't recall what the final fee is but it's not bad at all. For anyone selling art, crafts, handmade goods, vintage jewelry or clothes, etc. it's a very friendly place. Mostly women buy there though. It's like going to a nice upscale arts & crafts fair without ever leaving your house. LOL

But I really want to try Auctiva Commerce too so I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket.

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