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I am looking for someone interested in creating listings using my user ID and Auctiva Template. I have several hundred IT equipment listings that I am behind on and need to catch up on. If interested you would be required to research item and create ad. I will post and manage. I have breif description and good pics for every listing that needs to be designed. Thanks in advance.
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I have just completeted my own custom template and am in the process of redoing all of my listings. Its been a long process to work out all of the kinks and thinngs but its finally perfect.
If you go here Hens Night Label Listing You will be able to see one thats up and going. I still have about 500 to go.
Let me know what you think if you like. I created that whole listing to match my logo. I re-did my listings so they would sort or automate themselves really. I may be able to create on to match your logo and such if you like.
Have a great day!
If you'd like to email me we could discuss a template for you. Auctive doesn't charge for it no. As long as you have the html then its al good. Depending on what you sell and your existing logos (if you wanted to keep them) I might be able to make something to suit you.
Have a good one.
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