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I do not make my items but I give full descriptions of them and I do not take returns, normally. There are always exceptions but I don't advertise them and I listen to the buyer and go from there.

When a buyer says they didn't receive the item, send another - I say hold up there lets track that package. If the carrier has failed to enter the package in the system with my delivery comformation - I put a trace on it anyway. At this point it is the post office's responsibility because they failed to do what I paid them to do and they are happy to try and trace the package.

I write this to my buyer. If the post office can't find it - we persume it is lost in the mail. The post office then requires the buyer to register a lost package with the post office online services and to report it to their local police department.

I hae been amazed at the lak of enthusian on the buyers part when I tell them what needs to be done before we can move forward. Often, I never hear another word about the "missing" package. I have had 3 buyer complaints and all 3 did not move forward in the refunding of a lost package process.
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The almighty powers at Paypal typically tell the buyer "eBay Customer Support has reviewed the case and made a final decision. We've considered the case carefully and decided not to issue you a refund. We're sorry this didn't work out." A simple request to review the decision mentioning that DC doesn't confirm receipt will instantly win the buyer a refund. You've been very lucky! Smile
Just received this sweet note from a buyer over the weekend:

"Item XXXXXXXXX098 - [BUYERID] paid for item on 12/3. According to the information on the item page, each item is shipped via first class mail with a tracking # provided. You claim that you mailed my item to me on 12/4 but you have not provided me w/a tracking #. There is NO WAY that it would take this long for the item to reach me. I will have to contact my credit card company and/or eBay to withold payment until I receive this item. Please check on this matter first before you again insist that the item is on its way and that I should simply keep waiting. Thank you."

The funny thing is, I wasn't even the seller of this item! The buyer apparently did a search of closed listings for the title of the item he bought, came across mine and just ASSUMED that I was the one who sold it to him (guess he never thought to look in his "My eBay" page and see what he had purchased. Or check his PayPal account. Or check his email for the payment confirmation. Geeze!)

Without even verifying that he had the correct buyer, he then proceeded to send me a snarky message. Thanks, buddy!

I simply replied back "I was not the seller of this item. Please do not send me any more threatening emails."

Goes to show the mindset of some buyers these days!

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