Love The Relisting options!

How awesome to be able to change the price and reserve and such, it is something we all have wanted, that's teriffic. I do have a suggestion, I know it is stated, but you know not everyone catches things and things really need to be crystal clear.......... When first trying the relisting option, it isn't completely clear that when you hit the continue button if it will automatically start listing. I know it says hit continue to review. But I think you should be clear that the auctions will not launch by hitting continue. People may be afraid that they might just start themselves at that point. Other than that it's looking good!
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What specifically is "Relisting"?

I see it is an extra cost option now.

Is the the relist built into eBud, or something different, seperate from eBud's ability?

The reason I ask, is I would not like to loose the relist ability that eBud now offers. If you are offering something with enhanced abilites, that is fine. I just want to make sure I'm not loosing anything in the price increase.

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