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Welcome, Mac user!!! I'm the "self-proclaimed" Mac Guru 'round these parts.

Yes, it will. Here's the deal. For OS X 10.0-10.3.9 You can edit and create your listings with Mozilla Firefox. However, the one'll need Safari to Upload your pics. If you have OSX 10.4, you should be good to go.

What I do is keep the Images>Upload Images Bookmarked on Safari. I upload all the images I'm going to use and then go to Firefox and finish the rest. It sounds complicated, but it's really not and the results are worth it.
Plus, the developer of the Editor is currently working on a "fix" for Safari that will enable Safari to do everything.

Anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask.
You can still use your own photo host, but you will have to link to the urls for those images, instead of using the image picker in the lister. At least as far as I know Wink I am relatively new here myself!

On my tower running 10.2.8 I can't upload with Safari but can with Internet Explorer.

Things should run pretty smoothly for you with Tiger Smile
I hope I am doing this right in posting here. I am using Mac OS10 and Firefox as my browser. Here is my problem.

I create the listing on Auctiva, and everything is going great - I save the listing - then because I am always nervous about these things I decide to preview the listing. That is when everything goes to H*** in a hand basket. I get the "close window" which I try to do, nothing happens then I get back to the listing by using the back button on my browser. This is where things get real interesting - I have now lost half of my listing - description is half there. Today I decided to edit my templates and when I went to preview them same thing happened. Needles to say if this problem is not resolved I hope some one can recommend a good listing program. I would be happy to pay but only if it works.

I have gone to auctiva help so far they have not been able to help me.
Hi Guru. I just switched from a PC to a Mac and am having trouble with my listings. It is a brand new Mac so it has all the newest versions of everything. I had no problem with images but I could not see my text in design format, just html. I have been reading the boards but can't figure out what to do. As I mentioned, I'm new to Mac. Can you help me and go really slowly? I would really appreciate it. Best Regards Sweet Success

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