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Hello All - 

We are not aware of any issues on our end that would prevent your images from reaching eBay or displaying on eBay appropriately and will need to have a look at some unmodified specific listings to see what is occurring.

Please note that if the header/gallery image you submitted with a listing is showing up in the header image area and not the gallery image area, it is indicative that eBay was unable to make a copy of the image for display in the gallery for some reason.  You should be able to correct this problem in any listings that are affected using the eBay tool here.

If you are encountering a different issue or the difficulty persists, please file a support case letting us know the specifics of what is occurring for you - is it the actual Header image on the eBay listings or the Gallery image in eBay search results and please provide some sample item numbers where this has occurred so we can have a look into it.

 - Craig

Hi Craig,

The issue is certainly on your servers end.  Our scheduled listings go up without a hitch every week, that is since the last time this happened in May, and listings scheduled on eBay directly and another listing engine list perfectly well with the galery images.


Also, the ebay "FIx it tool" does not work regardless- to fix you must manually upload a picture and delete the current image in the listing, and if there are any bids placed on the item you will not be able to modify the gallery image at all.

Hello again,

As noted, if your Header image, the main image in the upper left of an eBay listing is showing on eBay, they have received the data we sent with your listing and have run into difficulty making a copy of the image for use with the gallery.  We provide the image as indicated in your Saved listing when you submit it and eBay makes copies for use in the locations on eBay where it is displayed.  We have no control over what occurs once eBay has received the data provided from your Saved listings.

If you are having difficulty with the images that appear in the body of your listings, please file a support case with some example item numbers so our support team can have a look into it, as that would indicate a different issue.

Please also note that if you have run into difficulty with the tool that eBay provides to recreate the gallery images when there are issues with that image being created, you will need to contact eBay directly.

 - Craig

Im getting same problems ebay say no issue with them, auctiva say no issue with them. Sorry auctiva but im with ebay on this one.

Must say having loads of glitches with your image uploader too. Seriously concidering taking my business elsewhwere. Must spend an extra 2 hours a week sorting out my images after they get mixed (uploaded out of order) up when I upload them to you.

This has been happening to me for a couple years. This week I had 10 listings without gallery photos. Neither Auctiva or eBay claim responsibility for this problem so I don't see a resolution coming . The only solution I can see is to list on eBay rather than here. Is there a way to move my photos from Auctiva hosting to eBay? My photos are not in my computer anymore and are only at Auctiva.


I am sorry to hear that you have run into further difficulty with the Gallery image on your eBay listings.  Unfortunately, as noted above, if the header image is showing in the actual listing, we submit your image to eBay and the problem occurs after we have provided the data to eBay.  You should be able to have this resolved using the tool here.  

Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer your images to eBay other than when you post your listings and please note that eBay would not host your images that are not in use in your active listings.  You can retrieve your images from within the Image Management page of your account as needed, but please be aware that we have no options to have them sent to you or have them retrieved in bulk.

 - Craig

This has happened to me as well for three days.  Every new listing that is uploaded does not have gallery pics.  Friday and Saturday I went in and uploaded directly on ebay.  This happens every once in a while on random listings but never on every one.  Ebay says it is auctiva and auctiva says it is ebay.  Like others I am doing double work.  Not a happy lister.

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