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Hi Community!

We noticed that a small percentage of people have set their BattleBids preferences in their accounts. We want to make sure that people have had plenty of reminders that we are going to be auto-appending BattleBids games to listings.

Therefore, we are giving people one more weekend to make their decisions on how to set their BattleBids preferences. Next Tuesday, Oct 23rd we will begin auto-appending BattleBids games on listings in the following categories:

If your listing does not fall under one of these categories, a BattleBids game will *not* currently get auto-appended to your listing unless you set your preferences to "Choose My Own Game" and pick which BB game you would like in all of your listings. If you don't see your category in this list yet, keep in mind that we will be adding new games and new categories so this list will be expanding soon.

To set your preferences:
1. Sign into your Auctiva account
2. Click on the My Account tab
3. Click the Account Settings link
4. Locate the Listing Enhancements section
5. Make your choices and click the Update Account Preferences button

IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting Tuesday, if you change your BattleBids preferences, it will be reflected in listings launched after the change. Once listings launch with BattleBids games already in them, the games have to be manually removed from the listings using the eBay "Revise Your Item" form.

Please make sure that you set your preferences before Tuesday!

Auctiva Staff
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