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Between the template and the side by side photos the template becomes to large for the screen. The best way to fix this is to change the picture layout so they are not paired but rather one per line.

To do this you can go to your saved listing in Auctiva and change the picrure layout, then save the changed listing. Then go to the "get HTML" button up top and copy all of that into the "revised" desrciption on ebay replacing everything that is there.

That will fix this current listing. Auctiva shouldn't offer templates that are to wide with the layouts they offer.

Hope this helps!
Small note here. We offer all sorts of templates, ultimately it is up to the customer to decide on what they would like their layout to look like. The issue that you are refering to depends on the end users screen resolution, monitor size, and of course browser window size.

Bottom line here- we give you the "rope", if someone wants to "hang" themselves that is up to them.

I would like to add that you should ALWAYS preview your adds before you post.

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