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Hello Doug4567 -

I'm sorry to hear that you've run into some difficulty with creating listings.

We are not aware of any issues with custom item specifics showing appropriately on the lister page for any categories currently.

When I check on eBay for Clothing, Shoes... > Womens > Suits & Blazers - the following specifics show as available:
Size Type
Country/Region of Manufacture

and when I use this same category on our lister page in Auctiva, I see the same options as well as the same indicators of the required specifics.

I note that these are the same available custom item specifics for Clothing, Shoes... > Mens > Suits and that our lister page also shows these same options.

The Autofill options that come up when you click in the fields for these specifics on our lister page also appear to match those available on the eBay lister, so it is unclear what may be occurring for you.

I suggest you first try clearing your browser cache to ensure that the browser has not cached the site pages erroneously and if the difficulty persists for you, please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know a few sample saved listings where you are encountering this and which specifics or autofill options are not showing for you and we'll be happy to look into it further.

- Craig
Hi Craig,

I understand you may not be entirely familiar with how this category normally looks but it is not functioning properly.

It normally includes, besides what you listed,

Size (not just Size Type)

Perhaps this is on ebay's end and not yours but there are crucial fields missing that will not allow posting until all are present. (Notably Size itself)
Hello Doug4567 -

Apologies for the delay of my response.
Unfortunately, we draw that data from eBay when you are working on a listing, so when there are issues on the eBay side for the custom item specifics information those same issues show on the lister page.

Please keep in mind that eBay is still in the process of making a variety of changes on their end and should have the issue resolved soon.

- Craig
I would definitely open a support case ( ) and we can help you out. In a quick review the item specifics being displayed in for the Antiquarian & Collectible category (29223) are the same in Auctiva and is displayed in eBay lister, there are 14 item specfics. The specifics shown in the Auctiva lister come directly from eBay when you select a category, so definitely open a support case and we'll help.

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