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Hi all!

We've been pouring over all the March entries for the Auctiva Best Shot photo contest and will announce the winners on Monday, April 4th!

Keep those entries coming! Remember that you can enter 1 time per month, and the contest runs through the end of this year! So get your images in tip-top shape and send us a link to the eBay listing that you want to enter! For more details visit the official Photo Contest page.

Check out the latest tutorial on our YouTube channel: How To Make a Low Budget Light Box.

Good luck and happy selling!
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Posted April 17, 2011 12:05 PM Hide Post
It is a JOKE!! There are some of us professional photographers that deserve a separate category. To open a so called photo contest based on "simplicity, clarity and professionalism in photography" and to choose a winning photo because there are cute cows in the background is an insult and not really warrants a photo contest based on Auctiva`s objective statements!

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