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In the Marketing tools section of Listing, I cannot find the Gallery Plus option that I used on Ebay. I have found Gallery ($0.35) and Gallery Feature (about $19.95) but NOT Gallery Plus ($0.75). Can someone tell me how I can get it using Auctiva. Or do I have to wait for the item to post, and then go to Ebay to add it? Thank you for your help.
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Thanks for your reply, Catty.
You are the third person who showed interest in accessing Gallery Plus. Perhaps, we can renew our suggestion to Auctiva to implement it. In the meantime,have you tried going into Ebay listings and doing a revise-your-item? Did it work with just the $.75 extra charge? (I will not have anything listed for another two weeks, this is the reason why I am asking) Again, thanks!

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